payment methods

Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a minimum deposit of 50% of the total amount for each person. The remaining amount must be settled 7 days before your arrival or after the first day of your arrival. If no initial deposit has been made within our indicated time limit, the full amount must be paid in order to secure your tour reservation.

All reservation request will be answered through the same medium (internet, phone, etc.) Within 48 hours maximum. In the event that no response or in case of incomplete information, please reach us directly by phone: Landline +51 084-783740 Cellphones:  +51 950 738710



Nº 420-3066351063

CCI: 003-420-013066351063-79

Savings Account: Dollars

Titular: Americo Cabrera Ollachica


Nº 420-3066351072

CCI: 003-420-013066351072-70

Savings Account: Soles

Titular: Americo Cabrera Ollachica


Western Union services allows you to send or receive money quickly and securely to any agent or office all around the globe.  Be sure to request the form for wiring funds. All transfers can be made in dollars.

Western Union has international offices and also works online:

  • First name of the receiver: Americo
  • Last name of the receiver: Cabrera Ollachica
  • DNI (document): 44720045
  • CITY: Cusco
  • COUNTRY: Peru

In the space for “message” on the form please write the date and name of the individual making the reservation.

If you use this method, please send us an email confirming your deposit and the number of the western union transaction.


Open a PayPal account at

Transfer the deposit amount to your PayPal account.

Transfer the deposit from your PayPal account to the UYUNI VIAJES account.

Add 6.5% to the deposit amount you are sending and confirm via email that you have sent your payment in this manner.

After receiving the deposit, UYUNI VIAJES will confirm the reservation of your tour package, tour, or purchase.”


All rates are quoted in American dollars ($US) or in Peruvian soles (s) and are subject to necessary adjustments without prior notice. Fares are final and per person.


Failure to appear in person according to contract will result in the total loss of contracted services without any refund.

In the same manner, there is no refund for any cancellation or withdrawal from any contracted service during the tour.

Occasionally some services may be interrupted or cancelled due to severe weather conditions or social conflicts such as strikes. In this case, there will be no refunds for services that have already been previously reserved regarding interruptions or conditions that are beyond our control. However we will offer for any future reservations a 50% discount.


UYUNI VIAJES is not responsible in the event that the client does not comply with instructions given by the Guide, such as when the client decides to abandon his or her group to walk off on their own.

UYUNI VIAJES reserves the right to make rational adjustments or substitutes to the itinerary whenever it may be considered necessary or in some cases obligatory.  The client’s baggage and personal possessions are their responsibility. There will be no refund for unused services as dictated by the purchased itinerary such as hotels, meals, transportation or guided tours, etc. and any other service provided in the original booking.

UYUNI VIAJES does not assume any responsibility when the client arrives late or does not show up at all.