Dare to do the newest adventure activity in La Paz: rappel 50 meters from a 17-story building in the heart of the city. Full of adrenaline, this will take your La Paz experience to another level, but always in the safe hands of our professional bilingual guides.

Rappelling is a system of descending down vertical surfaces using rope techniques, employed in places where descending in other ways is complicated or unsafe. It is a widely used autonomous descent system, since performing it only requires, in addition to knowing the proper technique, carrying a rope and, in most techniques, a harness and a descender.

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This 50-meter descent is the new thing to do in La Paz. Scale our wall like Spiderman or a stunt double in Mission Impossible, using the traditional rappel / abseil method, or experience the thrill of your life, do it face first, known as Rap Jumping. You can face your fears and overcome your limits.

Right in the city center, the views from the 17th floor are spectacular. But the view that really takes your breath away is when you look down 50 meters, and the cars in the busy traffic below look like ants.

When you arrive, our highly trained guides will fit you into our front-line equipment, provide you with all the necessary training, and even guide you through practice runs on our 2-meter wall in the building.

After your practice runs, the guides will lead you to the great wall. Get on the platform and, with our expert guides, face your fears and take your first steps. Soon you are running, then jumping, and at all times full of adrenaline.

Your guides with their 2 brakes can stop you at any time during your descent if necessary. When you get about 6 stories from the bottom, your guides will stop you for free fall. You will release the rope, jump from the wall, and the guides will allow you to fly towards them, where they will stop you safely on our lower platform.



  • Practice run down a 2-meter wall
  • Certified English and Spanish speaking guides
  • Instructions available in English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Safety jumpsuit
  • Superhero costumes


  • Items not mentioned above



  • Closed shoes
  • Water
  • Extra cash
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