Immerse yourself in the rich history of the ancient Andean civilization during our Tiwanaku – Full Day tour. This ancient culture, notable for its advanced development in architecture, astronomy and religion since the 16th century BC.

Our tour includes a visit to the impressive Kalasasaya complex, a religious site that spreads over 2 hectares. Place, where you can admire several emblematic structures, such as the famous Puerta del Sol, the Ponce Monolith with its fine iconographic engravings that represent winged men, fish, puma heads, condors and other symbols, as well as the imposing Stele known as “El Fraile “.

In addition, we will explore the enigmatic Pumapunku, an area of ​​impressive dimensions, with a width of 167 meters and a length of 116 meters. A site famous for the precision and perfection with which its stones have been carved, some of which have perfect angles that defied the imagination.

Our expert guides will accompany you on this journey throughout the journey, sharing fascinating details about the daily life, religious beliefs and architectural achievements of this fascinating civilization.

Join us and discover the secrets of Tiwanaku in an experience that will transport you to the heartko0’o of Andean history.

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Tiwanaku Full day

Get ready for a day full of cultural discoveries with our tour to Tiwanaku!

  • Our day begins at 08:00 with pickup from your hotel or any convenient point in downtown La Paz.
  • Once en route to Tiwanaku, you will enjoy a scenic drive that lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, filled with stunning views of the Andean landscapes.
  • Upon arrival, our first stop is the fascinating Lithic Museum, where you will learn up close the rich history and cultural legacy of this ancient civilization.
  • Then, we will enter the archaeological site of Tiwanaku to explore its main ceremonial centers, including the imposing Pyramid of Akapana and the mystical Temple of Kalasasaya. You will be able to marvel at the architecture and precision of these ancient structures.
  • We will continue our adventure with a visit to the intriguing Semi-Subterranean Temple, where you will discover secrets and mysteries kept underground.
  • To culminate our experience in Tiwanaku, we will explore the enigmatic Puma Punku, a place full of awe and wonder, known for its impressive architecture and historical enigma.
  • After a day full of learning and wonder, we will begin our return to La Paz, taking with us unforgettable memories of this fascinating civilization.



  • Pick up from your hotel after prior coordination.
  • Tourist transport.
  • Spanish/English Guide.
  • Income.
  • Food (lunch)


  • Extra expenses.
  • Others not mentioned.
  • Insurance of any type.


  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing.
  • Bring drinks & snacks.
  • Cash and local currency.

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LOCATION: Tiwanaku – Bolivia.

VISITING SEASON: All year round.


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